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Telemarketing Company

TMC telemarketing companies offer businesses unique, custom outsourcing solutions.

Our award winning telemarketing company provides only the highest quality, most technically sophisticated telemarketing services options including full digital recording, custom reports, third party quality control and Microsoft Certified database services.

TMC telemarketing consultants offer you the option to outsource your telemarketing project to our telemarketing centers in the United States or our partner centers in any country you choose to do business in including the Philippines, Europe, China and South America.

Our telemarketing services company provides services for many types of businesses and agencies including; mortgage, telecom, infomercial response, government, internet companies, insurance companies, software, debt reduction, political campaigns, software and membership programs.

TMC Telemarketing Minimum Hours and Rates

TMC's telemarketing company offers 100 to 500 program hours as a minimum test, depending on the type and size of calling program. Outbound hourly rates range from $27 to $31 for TMC's Ohio based call centers.

TMC offshore partner centers offer services in the $10 to $15 per hour range depending on type of program, language specifications and monthly call volume.

Contact our telemarketing consultants today for a free telemarketing needs analysis and quote within one business day!

Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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