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Database Management

Database management services remain a critical element of any successful teleservices engagement. The selection, utilization and management of your information is critical. Ensuring the highest level of data integrity, quality control and standardization is Telemarketing Consultants' primary focuses.

Telemarketing Consultant utilizes International Standards Organization (ISO) process for documentation, refining, creating repeatability and measurement of our programs and workflow processes.

Telemarketing Consultant National Change of Address Services (NCOA), provide technology to scrub any database and append current address and phone numbers to enhance direct mail and telemarketing campaigns accuracy and effectiveness.

Telemarketing Consultants team of certified database management specialists custom design data and IT solutions to meet your exact specifications. Through our discovery process TMC will determine what formats, fields, tables, relations, queries, reports and output requirements your program needs.

Our team will then build your application, test the tools and gain the appropriate approvals for implementation. Each step of our milestone process will integrate your thoughts, requirements and expectations.

Our goal is to collaborate through integrated communications to develop a solution that exceeds your expectations. The final product is your complete satisfaction guaranteed!

Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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