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GOTV Automated Calls

Telemarketing Consultant is a provider of GOTV (Get Out The Vote) and automated political calling services including broadcasting prerecorded political and non profit messages. Our state of the art fully automated political call center serves GOTV automated calling program requirements in any U.S. city or state

Our powerful network of telemarketing centers generates millions of automated calls for political parties on a daily basis. Our technically enhanced call centers provide highly detailed, daily productivity and call center penetration reports in any database format.

Our political calling experts work with political campaigns both large and small to custom design a call center application to fit your exact political calling requirements.

Telemarketing Consultant is a provider non exclusive political telemarketing services, but will not work for both sides of any individual campaign or issue. First come, first served!

You can count on Telemarketing Consultant call centers to provide you with a high quality source of consulting and call center services for any automated GOTV calling requirement.

Our political call center outsourcing service also provides live and automated political polling and political fundraising services.

TMC President, Robert Kaiser was recently interviewed by Andy Sullivan, WASHINGTON (Reuters) News, on the past, present and future use of Telemarketing for Political Purposes. Look for a link on to this informative article when it is published in the near future.

Our call center consultants extensive experience in utilizing call center services for GOTV and political telemarketing, assure you a fast, cost effective launch for your Automated GOTV, political polling or political fundraising program.

Contact our consultants today at 330.532.8840 for further GOTV and political calling information!

Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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