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Medicare Prescription Discount Card Telemarketing

In 2003 Congress passed the most sweeping changes to the Medicare program since its creation in 1965.

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Beginning in 2006, the legislation would allow seniors to purchase coverage for their prescription drugs. Officials estimate the drug insurance premium will be $35 a month, with a $250 deductible. The coverage would pay 75 percent of costs after that until a recipient's drug costs reached $2,250. After that, there would be no drug coverage until a recipient's out-of-pocket expenses reached $3,600, or roughly $5,100 in overall prescription expenses. Above that level, insurance would pick up roughly 95 percent of costs

Drug coverage will not be available until 2006, although seniors will be able to purchase a drug discount card that officials said could reduce their pharmacy bills by 15 to 25 percent.

In support of this long overdue federal program to benefit our seniors, Telemarketing Consultant dot com offers discount card sales, registration and customer services.

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