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Outbound Telemarketing

Providing over 20 years of telemarketing, telesales and customer service experience, Telemarketing Consultants team of telemarketing consulting professionals can assist with inbound call center and outbound telemarketing start-ups, audits, redesign, agent training, call center analysis, improvement strategies, quality control systems, reporting refinement, technology integration and do not call compliance.

Outbound telemarketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the telemarketing services industry. Where inbound telemarketing is difficult to control, outbound telemarketing can be controlled. You plan the telemarketing campaign, telemarketing budget, set campaign timing and certain production goals and objectives.

Outbound telemarketing can be used by itself or with other methods of direct marketing, such as a direct mail follow-up or email follow-up. Outbound telemarketing delivers your message directly to your prospect or customer and allows for immediate interaction. No other medium provides this instant marketing feedback.

Outbound telemarketing also is unlike direct mail in the fact that once you spend your marketing dollars, you have no way to change the offer. Outbound telemarketing allows you to change the presentation and offer daily or hourly if necessary, allowing greater flexibility and control of your marketing campaign.

The four basic elements to outbound telemarketing include:

List - Customers or prospects you plan to communicate with via the telephone.

All outbound telemarketing programs begin with a list or database of prospects. The database is the least expensive most important element of your telemarketing campaign. The old saying is true "garbage in, equals garbage out".

Provide the outbound telemarketing company you select with the best input possible. Ask our consultants' about database services options!

Message - The information the telemarketing company delivers to your prospect.

The message the outbound telemarketing company delivers, and how they position it, will play a major part in your telemarketing programs success or failure.

Scripting - Dialogue used to communicate your message and persuade the target to respond favorably or cooperate.

Outbound telemarketing companies offer scripting services in addition to telemarketing services. Most outbound telemarketing firms will include scripting in their initial telemarketing set-up fee.

The Close - There is no substitute for experience. A good telesales agent or service representative knows how to handle objections, probe for need and close the deal

Telemarketing agents receive hundreds of hours of specialized training on various marketing programs. Outsource your outbound telemarketing and put this experience to work for you!

Products promoted using telemarketing must be a familiar commodity. It is very difficult to sell or promote unknown products or service via the telephone. You only have 30 seconds or less to communicate your offer and convince your target to take the next step. If the prospect is not familiar with your product, or similar products, it will be very difficult to educate and sell on the same call.

Contact our outbound telemarketing consultant for a free needs analysis and custom quote today!

We look forward to servicing your outbound telemarketing needs!

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