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Telemarketing Cost

Telemarketing provides inbound and outbound telemarketing services from the most experienced companies in the telemarketing industry.

Cost of telemarketing services depends of the call center or telemarketing application.

Average costs for telemarketing and call center services in the U.S. range from $25 to $45 per agent hour. Call center minimums are 100 to 200 agent hours.

Most call centers will start project with a small test cell and expand the telemarketing campaign based on these results.

Custom and smaller telemarketing projects require specialized call centers concentrating on projects of 100 to 1000 hours. These boutique centers utilize all the technologies of the larger sophisticated centers but offer personalized support for small businesses.

Large volume projects of 1000+ hours per month command lower rates because they allow call centers to commit personnel for extended periods of time without reprogramming call center computer systems and retraining staff.

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Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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