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Telemarketing Leads

Business need sales leads! Of all the direct marketing mediums telemarketing leads are the most reliable because you have live contact and verification of the other parties interest

Telemarketing leads provided by TMC provide the quantity and the quality of sales leads your organization requires.

Telemarketing leads provided by our telemarketing center are verified for quality, before you receive them. Our telemarketing center can even digitally record each telemarketing lead for you as an additional level of verification.

Our telemarketing leads are produced in the quantity you need, when you need them. You have the flexibility of ordering telemarketing lead services in 100, 200 hour etc. blocks according to your telemarketing lead requirements.

Telemarketing lead services provided by Telemarketing Consultant also include another benefit; free 800# inbound support! If your prospect is not available when our teleservices representative calls our agent will leave an 800# for the prospect to return the call at no cost to the prospect.

This additional telemarketing lead generation tool will increase your telemarketing lead programs response rates and adds additional value to every telemarketing lead call our center produces for your company.

Put our telemarketing lead services to the test. Our company offers an exclusive 100 hour telemarketing lead generation test so you can see for yourself the quality or our telemarketing lead services. If you are not completely satisfied with every lead our telemarketing center produces, provide us with an explanation why and if our center was at fault, we will replace the lead at no cost to you. That's Telemarketing Consultants 100% telemarketing lead satisfaction guarantee!

Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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