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Telemarketing Technology

Telemarketing Consultant offers the most advanced telemarketing technologies in the industry. Our database experts have developed an integrated technology platform that combines both inbound call center and outbound telemarketing applications.

These telemarketing technologies allow our team of database specialists to design custom teleservices solutions for our clients.

Telemarketing Consultants technology platforms support multiple channel integrated requirements including: leading-edge customer service e-care, e-mail management, e-chat, web call back, skills based routing, expert agent selection, automatic call distribution and interactive voice recognition systems.

Complementing our telephone-based solutions are Telemarketing Consultant's broadcast tools that integrate both e-mail and faxing technologies to assist our agents initiatives by sending out targeted messages prior, during or after a live call.

Our robust telemarketing technologies are engineered to interact with our custom designed databases to seamlessly output data into our clients software. These database systems are built to our client's exact specifications and requirements. Data analytics are utilized to determine which prospective and current customers are more likely to respond to a teleservices offer.

Digital recordings of live phone calls including product sales, lead generation and market research initiatives can be used to evaluate call quality, agent presentations, common responses and specific issues that can be addressed to improve program performance.

Remote monitoring allows our clients to listen to calls anywhere in the United States at whatever time is convenient with their schedules. Client's can call from their offices or from the road and listen to live conversations in real time. This is a tremendous benefit that can be used to coach and develop performance on a teleservices program.

An intense focus and high levels of energy are given to the complete satisfaction of our clients and the results that we produce for them, at Telemarketing Consultant your complete satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

Telemarketing Consultant Services In Detail

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