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Telemarketing Tips & Essentials

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DMA data for 2015 shows, the primary reported purpose of telemarketing campaigns, is almost equally split between direct sales (41%) and lead generation (37%).  The response rate for telephone, 9 to 10%, ranked one of the strongest of any media type!

Every telemarketing campaign, starts with the database

Telemarketing campaigns comprise of a database of targeted prospects. The data can be inhouse or a SIC code specific cold calling list, focusing on specific data, such as company size or business type. If you are utilizing an in-house list, ensure the data is up to date. Aged data use, in a telemarketing campaign, will cost you in overall telemarketing productivity, due to wrong numbers, etc.

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Project Timelines

Next, consider the size of the database, call center and timelines for project completion. If you have a large database you need updated quickly, do not hire a small telemarketing call center, improperly staffed to handle the task, in the time required!

Telemarketing Company Experience

Ensure the telemarketing firm you choose, has the necessary experience. Verify success with similar projects. Hiring a telemarketing call center that has experience in your industry, makes a big difference in campaign productivity, training cost and agent learning curves.

Ensure the telemarketing company you hire, has the proper equipment, personnel, and expertise, to successfully manage, your companys telemarketing campaign.


Inbound Call Center Process

Planning for inbound call center programs, you must take into consideration, the call volume you expect, over a given period of time. Call volume should be estimated, (if possible), so that a call center can properly staff, for peak calling periods.

Questions you should ask are - What is the number of calls you expect the call center to process on a hourly basis? When do you expect the call volume peak? With this knowledge, your call center will be prepared with the proper equipment and number of customer service reps, to handle the volume of inbound calls at any given time!

Reports should include, average speed of answer, average length of call, number of calls per hour, close rate, response rates etc. Digital recording is a plus if your center offers this quality verification tool.

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The Telemarketing Call

Every call center contact, must be professional and respectful, while politely delivering your sales message or general information. The agents contact manners, need to be clear, confident, positive, friendly and precise.

The telemarketing company representing your business, needs to clearly introduce who is calling, confidently state why they are calling, positively enforce reason for the call, in a friendly manner, and be precise in the delivery of information or offer.

The Offer- Consider what you are offering your prospects to grab their attention, during the first 15 seconds of every call. That is about how long it takes, for someone to fiqure out, if they want to continue to listen to your message.  Is your marketing approach new and fresh or is it the same old stale marketing offers they hear everyday?

You must differentiate your business from your competitors with unique products and creative marketing offers!

The Close - Always assume the positive and downplay the negative. Prospect objections need to be handled in a professional positive manner. Good telemarketing companies develop frequently asked questions and guides with objection rebuttals.

Never match wits with your customer or prospect, always be friendly and helpful, as you respond to their questions, or concerns!

National Do Not Call & Additional Telemarketing Call Center Tips

National Do Not Call Compliance - National Do Not Call laws prohibit telemarketing to specific consumer phone numbers registered with the federal governments - Do Not Call Database!

Quality Control and 3rd Party Verification - Professional telemarketing companies, utilize quality control systems before the call, during the call, and after completion of the call. Proper agent training, call monitoring and 3rd party verification, are just some of the tools used by telemarketing services agencies.

24/7 and Overflow Support - Call center outsourcing services, assist businesses in handling spikes in call volume during peak calling seasons. Outsourcing, can also extend after hours support to, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if needed!

In-House vs. Outsourcing - Without question, it is more cost effective to outsource your call center program to a proven vendor, than performing the same services using your internal staff! On average, it will cost twice as much to run a call center campaign using your own facilities, personnel, equipment, telecom and management services.

Telemarketing Consultants Teleservices Essentials

Essential #1 Start with the best data you can get!

List Selection - The old saying is true, "garbage in equals garbage out" An accurate reliable list is a must. Our consultants, have relationships with the most reliable and affordable list companies, in the industry.

Essential #2 Selecting the right telemarketing company.
Telemarketing companies specialize in different types of calling; inbound and outbound. Telemarketing companies also specialize in specific calling programs - sales, lead generation, research, updates etc. Make sure the telemarketing company you hire has the right experience, for your partictular job.

Essential #3 Proper scripting with call to action!
A properly crafted script, is essential to your telemarketing programs success. Is there a call to action? A motivating factor?

TMC scripting experts craft custom scripts, to help you, get past the gate keepers, generate leads or get that critical sale!. Call us for a free scripting analysis and quote.

TMC consultants, have developed hundreds of effective scripts, for literally every industry. Our extensive scripting and telemarketing database, will benefit your companies bottom line!

Essential #4 Utilize the proper dialers for maximum ROI!
Having the proper dialers not only increases call production, but also increases campaign efficiency!

Our consultants, will show you how you can increase the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign, utilizing in-house or web based auto-dialers.

Essential #5 Daily detailed reporting!
Daily reporting is a must, for managing the progress, of your telemarketing campaign. Our call center partners thrive on providing you with timely, up-to-date detailed data on every call. Daily reports, can be emailed or faxed. Tracking the results and productivity, of every dial is critical!

Essential #6 Proper agent training and proficiency testing!
Proper agent training is essential to your programs success. Testing agent knowledge, on every element of your customers product or service, is essential to minimizing mistakes, before your campaign goes live.

TMC telemarketing centers, provide extensive agent training and proficiency testing, to ensure agent effectiveness and general product knowledge.

Need additional information? Contact a TMC telemarketing services executive today at 330.532.8840.
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TMC centers are ready to professionally engage your call center requirements, in a turn key environment!
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